you ended up in the black light dimension

this is the corner of "UV light", some months ago I've decided to experiment on my art with a blue light made with just few clear tape stripes and blue marker on the phone flash, in this page (blog?) I will talk and share about the planet of neon

bioluminescence in nature, fluorescent objects, lights in the dark like stars, fireworks or special inks, always fascinated me they look like from a new world, a fantasy dimension

the first things that made me research more about the topic was the sea of stars, a place situated in Vaadhoo Islands, Maldives, first times seeing the photos of that place made me think "wow, I can't believe it actually exists" the deep sea in the night look like the mirror of universe, tiny things bright in the water lighting the sand like little stars, I thought that places like this existed just in one of my favorite childhood vhs movies Atlantis

for this tiny doodle I've used a stabilo fine yellow neon marker but anything that is a simple random school highlighter works identical
returning to Vaadhoo Island, in the same period I had seen an interesting video on YouTube on a channel called Peter draws, relaxing video using glow ink with a glass dip pen, glass fountain pens are really beautiful and elegant, I wish to use one of them a day