Finally did it!
been wanting to make a space for slime rancher in long time and to actually play it by years now after spotting it on the web,
i had tried it for few minutes on my younger brother ps4 in past and it attracted me like a metal with a magnet, everytime i play with a game of this genres it's difficult that i don't fall in love with them, and now can finally play it after getting it in sale on steam while sitting in the wishlist for long,
the game have gif fuction and gonna use it reaaaaly a lot
the first slime i loved was the puddle one because is super tiny, cute, squishy, love rubber ducky toys and kinda a mood when around too much slimes that blushes, isn't adorable? there's even the cousin fire slime that is adorable too but puddle is the one that i will protect forever
is impossible to not getting happy seeing the slimes and i would adopt them all lol, the game is quite fun! go around in the role of Beatrix LeBeau catching colorful slimes and putting them in the farms at the ranch for get plorts,

Fav Slime:
Puddle and Quicksilver

Fav Largo:
Crystal plus Mosaic

Fav Gordo:
Party Slime!

Fav Plort:

Fav Zone:
The Dock (for now)

Fav Food:
Oca Oca, Cuberry and Phase Lemon

Fav Chicken:
Painted Hen

Fav Toy:
Phosphor Lamp

Fav Ornament:
Rainbow and Glitch