Welcome to the picturesque piñata island

hello neocitizens, fellow viva piñata fans, rare enthusiasts or web surfers! It's salamango in the role of gardener talking, welcome to the virtual piñata island garden, I will navigate you to discover the treasures and sweetness (hopefully not sour) of this magic island through this web shrine

viva piñata is a game series from 2006 made by rare (previously known as rareware, creator and/or publisher of games like for example banjo kazooie, sea of thieves, perfect dark, donkey Kong) and a cursed cartoon series of 2 seasons by 4kids

viva pinata game series and cartoon publishing timeline

Viva Pinata is a cozy garden simulation (until ruffians, dastardos and sour dont arrive lol damn professor pester) based on discovering and attracting more than 100 different colorful pinatas animals with their many variants and unique wildcard traits, with the lore around helping the jardiniero garden and family to shine again

Viva Pinata cartoon instead is focused on the pinatas viewpoint with the absurd adventures of the 4 main pinatas characters and their friends into the world of pinata island

viva piñata is one of my favorite game ever since 2009 and active into the online fandom since 2016

in this page I've tried to recreate the feeling of the first game with this theme, from the probably called awful and meme material in modern days comic sans ms to the banners used as fake player cursor and the grass trying to mimic the grass pattern of jardiniero garden, the containers I tried to make it look like leafos alert messages