Viva Piñata characters: the piñatas

a list of piñatas as they're the heart of piñata island, all piñatas not just my fav ones, but not described by their diary intro or like a wiki information, just whatever I've experienced in game and preferences with inevitable spoilers, enjoy the 100+ of them, it gonna take long to finish to write this, and remember don't beat 'em, join ' em! :D


your first pinata (if you play the first game) look how they wiggle so cute, wow they can do breakdance! so easy to get them they just love dirt, nooooooo tragedy happen spoiler for second pinata (this meme I've made is a bit old but click here if want spoiler), wait stop there's too many of them now anyway free chocolate coins *sell or use as food down the food chain, what a sad life*


another cute pinata as second pinata in visit in your garden! let's see what need for get residential in the requirements tab or diary entry *eat your first pinata, the whirlm that just got residential, rip "whirlm 1" we all love you*


if you choosen carrot seed, who doesn't love bunnies? they're all blue, love to run in the garden made of grass and eat your carrots, and in the second game they're even cuter because of piñartic variants! spoiler same fate of whirlm, but with fox


if you've choosen turnip seed, in your garden will appear this cute purple mouse that lives into an old clock, that say "chu~" and jump on its tail like a pogo, they will be very useful later


your first pinata in the 2nd game, this ladybug with long eyelashes extensions is reeeeeally in love with makeup and pink, if you're reading this and didn't got free you're probably still stuck in the tutorial, many don't like this pinata but i think is really cute having it flying around in the garden, bispotti makes everything more pretty and happy uwu


if you've played the 2nd game demo you will remember this pinata, this blue penguins loves to swim around playing in the water doing funny sounds (fun fact i can imitate them) and lives into refrigerator like polaretti icepops, did you knew they can have natural mohawk hairstyle and mustaches? very cool, if you would like to play the demo in 2022 the working download is still up in the xbox 360 marketplace ;)


buttercup, buttercup, buttercup, do you have enough buttercups for this honey farming insect? round and fluffy but don't let it get near to raisants or will happen a disaster


the shining star of the tv! if you've watched the cartoon or played the 4th game this is the first pinata you remember, candy filled always ready for parties and popularity surrounded by friends, but in game eat all your apples on the grass for run away at last minute leaving the gardener with empty hands and pockets for days, fight with every other horse looking pinata for prove who is the real horse


in game lickatoad cousin, will eating anything that exist, a fan of forbidden snacks is evolved by eating venomous fruits that will make it ill and getting showel hits on the head, got cartoony super jump powers as result, trapping them into fences like other non flying pinatas will gonna be a failure, a bit dumb but how cannot love this adorable pinata?